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Social media engagement tools: your key to more likes

Win more likes, get chatty in the comments, and track your clout on social media. Hootsuite’s engagement tools make it easy.

Hootsuite enables you to engage with followers by answering messages and commenting back on the platform. You can create tabs that feature each social profile, making it easy to engage with followers in a streamlined way."
Shannon Piggott
Shaw JCC of Akron

Everything you need to become the most engaging brand on social media.

Engage with followers, fans, and friends with the best social media engagement platform. All from a single dashboard.

Get more hearts with no extra effort

Tap into engagement-boosting tools like an automated hashtag generator and graphs that show you the best time to post content. No sweat.

Chime in on valuable conversations

Set up social listening for your most important keywords, hashtags, and mentions. Keep an ear out so you can pipe up in exciting convos and protect your brand from negative chatter.

Easily measure your engagement

View your engagement rate by post, network, or account. Get tools to track your engagement rate over time, identify your most engaging posts, and customize reports so you can see it all in one view. Go ahead and brag about it, too.

Save hours with an automated, all-in-one inbox

Hootsuite brings all your private messages and public comments into one dashboard. Answer questions and make sales even if you’re away from your desk with saved replies, auto-responses, and chatbot capabilities. 

Sua ferramenta completa de gerenciamento de mídias sociais

Collage with Hootsuite features
Collage with Hootsuite features

Crie e publique conteúdo em várias redes de um só lugar. Encante seu público e cresça rapidamente com um gerador de hashtags, integração com o Canva e muito mais.

Crie e publique conteúdo em várias redes de um só lugar. Encante seu público e cresça rapidamente com um gerador de hashtags, integração com o Canva e muito mais.

Crie e publique conteúdo em várias redes de um só lugar. Encante seu público e cresça rapidamente com um gerador de hashtags, integração com o Canva e muito mais.

Crie e publique conteúdo em várias redes de um só lugar. Encante seu público e cresça rapidamente com um gerador de hashtags, integração com o Canva e muito mais.

Free Social Media Engagement Tools and Resources

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Free Engagement Rate Calculator (for multiple networks)

Try our free engagement rate calculator to quickly see how your posts are performing.

Blog: How to Increase Social Media Engagement

All our proven tactics for boosting your social media engagement are here in this in-depth guide.

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Free Hashtag Generator (for multiple networks)

Make your posts more engaging with our free hashtag generator for Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and more.

What our customers are saying about us

Perguntas frequentes

A Inbox da Hootsuite é uma ferramenta inovadora de mensagens e caixa de entrada de mídias sociais para melhorar o engajamento, o atendimento ao cliente e a colaboração em equipe. 

Precisa poupar tempo? A Inbox tem vários recursos para ajudar você a automatizar as mensagens das mídias sociais. Configure chatbots de mídias sociais ou use respostas salvas para reduzir os tempos de resposta e eliminar tarefas tediosas. Você pode até mesmo marcar ou adicionar tópicos automaticamente às mensagens para manter-se organizado.

Além de melhorar a o serviço de mensagens, a Inbox também serve como ferramenta de atendimento ao cliente com IA que ajuda a fechar mais vendas nas mídias sociais. Integre seu CRM, colete e exporte automaticamente os dados dos clientes e inicie pesquisas de CSAT para aprimorar ainda mais a experiência dos clientes.

Todos os planos da Hootsuite vêm com as melhores ferramentas de engajamento e mensagens em mídias sociais. 

Os recursos mais avançados, como chatbots, insights em tempo real, prioridades definidas e outros, estão incluídos na Inbox Avançada como um complemento pago do plano Hootsuite Enterprise.

Na maioria das vezes, as conversas permanecerão na caixa de entrada por seis semanas. A única exceção são as conversas do LinkedIn, que desaparecem da caixa de entrada após duas semanas de inatividade em um tópico. 

Cada perfil de mídia social vinculado à sua caixa de entrada da Hootsuite pode conter até 10 mil conversas públicas e 10 mil conversas privadas. Quando você atingir esse limite, as conversas mais antigas serão removidas da caixa de entrada.

Atualmente, o Hootsuite Inbox oferece suporte a mensagens no Facebook, Instagram, Twitter e LinkedIn.

Yes. Heyday by Hootsuite is a social media chatbot that reduces your team’s message volume by up to 80% while simultaneously increasing its productivity by 25%. 

Heyday provides immediate responses to customer inquiries 24/7, so you’ll never leave anyone hanging (even when your team is off the clock). Plus, we offer multi-language support, so you can grow your customer base and delight more followers around the world.

How does it work? You provide pre-approved answers to your brand’s frequently asked questions (FAQs), so your virtual agent is ready with answers anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is make sure your FAQs are up to date and Heyday will handle the rest.

Hootsuite’s conversational chatbot is trained to understand the intent and context of customer messages, even those with spelling errors, and automate personalized responses every time. If necessary, it will hand over conversations to human teammates to handle.

Oh, and our FAQ chatbot also helps you collect feedback with no extra effort. It allows you to automatically send CSAT surveys and instantly view your results in Hootsuite Analytics.

Absolutely. With Hootsuite, community management is easier than ever. Hootsuite’s tools help social media teams foster engagement, build strong relationships, and maintain the integrity of their online communities.

Hootsuite Streams and Hootsuite Inbox are two of the top community management tools in the industry. They help you keep your public and private interactions on-brand and consistent on Instagram, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn company pages, Twitter, and more.

With Streams, you can hop into relevant conversations and moderate as needed. Easily reply, hide, delete, tag, or share comments as needed — all from the Hootsuite dashboard. You can even send comments to Slack or email for later.

You can reply to public comments and private messages in your Hootsuite Inbox. Automation, a FAQs chatbot, saved replies, and more tools allow you to automate the community management process and save time.

Absolutely! Hootsuite Streams is great for discovering user-generated content (UGC) that you can share on your brand’s social media feeds. Plus, Hootsuite offers integrations with the top UGC tools, including TINT and Chute, so you can bring all your favorite sources into one tab.

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