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Innovetive Petcare connects veterinary clinics with communities and melts hearts with pet-loving pics

Innovetive Petcare owns and operates veterinary practices across sixteen US states.

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  • 108%
    increase in Facebook followers year over year
  • 137
    social media accounts
  • 65%
    increase in post engagement across Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn year over year

A small team helps the company’s 70+ clinics build enduring relationships with clients and communities on social

Most veterinarians aren’t looking to become social media experts. They deliver seven kittens at a time three times a day, so fine-tuning Instagram Carousels is outside their normal wheelhouse. You’d be hard pressed to find a marketer working on-site at a veterinary clinic. 

That’s where companies like Innovetive Petcare come in. With a small team of six marketing experts, Innovetive works like a marketing and business operations agency, equipping its clinics with tools and resources they can use to build closer connections with their clients and communities while also operating as part of a fast-growing national brand. 

Innovetive’s model is getting results fast. They’ve expanded quickly from 14 locations across 5 states to 70+  locations across 16 states. And when they’re not busy winning four VETTY Awards for their work in animal health marketing, they’re posting a dizzying number of awwww-inspiring pics across literally hundreds of social accounts. How do they do it? Let’s take a look.

One lil’ marketing team, hundreds of social accounts

Many brands choose Hootsuite to cut down the number of social media accounts they manage and focus on a select few. But Innovetive Petcare’s business model relies on supporting local clinics and keeping their brands intact, with only a six-person marketing team to coordinate national campaigns. 

You might scratch your head, but this model makes complete sense. Mashing dozens of trusted local clinics into one national brand would make co-ownership impossible and risk losing the trust of existing clients. Instead of visiting Animed Austin, pet owners would be gambling their bestie’s health on a national corporation that’s entered their community. Could you really trust them with your beloved Fido’s rectal polyps? 

That’s why Innovetive chooses to keep their veterinary brands local, intact, and grow them. But that means multiple different social accounts for each veterinary outfit, and if you’re posting natively in each social network, that means an ungodly amount of logging in and out. Our brains hurt just thinking about it.

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Innovetive Petcare uses Hootsuite to run their well-oiled people- and pets-posting machine

The volume of social accounts isn’t Innovetive’s only challenge. Each clinic they partner with arrives with different levels of comfort and experience on social media. Some clinics already post daily updates about the animals they care for, while others haven’t posted regularly since the Obama years. 

Innovetive needs to onboard each new clinic seamlessly,  then start supporting campaigns and engagement. They’ve got to distribute fresh, easy-to-use content formats, so veterinary teams can snap a quick pic after surgery and have a post up in minutes. At the same time, every animal clinic in Innovetive’s portfolio needs to become confident at posting while… you know, saving the lives of our furry friends. 

The core marketing team manages social directly for clinics that aren’t very online, but offers ones that are more confident with posting access to Hootsuite. Innovetive’s VP of Marketing Malia Rivera credits Hootsuite with making it easy for partner clinics to take agency over their own social channels.  

“The clinics that use Hootsuite learn to think about social as a primary communication channel,” explains Rivera. “If there's a weather emergency, if they have a special promotion going on, if something interesting is happening in the hospital, they’ll post about it. That’s the kind of engagement we are encouraging. And Hootsuite makes that connection a lot more seamless between the clinic, the veterinarian, and the client.”

Storytelling on social makes visiting the veterinarian less scary (for owners—not for pets)

Taking your animal companion to the hospital or clinic can be a scary experience, especially if it’s their first health scare. You want to know they’re in good hands.

By using Hootsuite to share behind-the-scenes moments and feel-good stories on social, Innovetive helps partner clinics show the level of care they provide. Plus, when you spend your workday caring for a stream of adorable creatures, it’s impossible to run out of content. 

“Hootsuite allows us to capture the emotion in those relationships and that human animal-bond,” says Rivera. “What better place to share our culture than on social?”

Innovetive’s only going to get more social accounts—and with Hootsuite, they’re ready

By scaling its marketing services with Hootsuite, the Innovetive team has built 70+ small brands and a big national brand, all at once. Veterinarians and clinic staff are loving it, and with more content being posted across all channels, engagement has increased by 65% year-over-year across Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

So what’s next for Innovetive? More support, resources, and tools to help local clinics tell their stories. A refined strategic approach to engagement and segmentation to continue building a transformative, national brand. And (we can only hope) way more kinkajou pics.

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It wasn’t just about posting quicker, faster, easier. It was about using Hootsuite as a tool to grow our business.
Malia Rivera
Vice President of Marketing
Innovetive Petcare

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