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Team up with the leaders on social

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Why partner with Hootsuite?

More money, less problems—that’s the dream, right? Become a Hootsuite Partner and bring it to life. With our industry leadership and support backing you up, you’ll help clients win on social like never before. 

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  • Sweeten the deal for every client

    Plug your existing and prospective clients into the world's favourite social media management platform. (Hootsuite, duh!)

    We’ve got over 200,000 paid users and all the creative integrations they’ll ever need. You’ll be cashing checks and keeping everyone happy for years to come.

  • Hit your gutsy business goals

    Partnership means teamwork, and we’ll work to grow your business every step of the way.

    Exclusive training, marketing guidance, and discounts on our standard pricing—you need it, you’ll get it. That means more revenue, less hassle, and our team backing you up. Win-win.

  • Partnership with (tasty) benefits

    Every time you hit a milestone on our success path, we’ll reward your achievements. 

    No gold stickers here. We’re talking swanky benefits and incentives that show we actually care. Plus, we’ll line your pockets with extra moola.

You’re in good company (with good companies)

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How our partner program works

Our partnership kicks off with a 30-day onboarding plan. You’ll get a crash course in Hootsuite, a tailored business plan, and an arsenal of shiny sales materials. Everything’s waiting for you. 

Once you’re onboarded, we’ll start account planning together. We’ll help you set sales targets, generate new leads, and sell Hootsuite like it’s second nature. (Plus, we’ll keep your exclusive sales materials and training coming strong.)

Our partnership only gets better in the long-term. Every time you hit a new sales goal, you’ll unlock new progressive discounts, more sales materials and consulting support, and tasty new ways to profit.

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We've quadrupled our revenue with Hootsuite over the past 12 months. This is in large part to the commitment, creativity, and customer-first perspective the entire Hootsuite team takes to solve current and emerging challenges faced by organizations in today's social commerce environment. (...)
Scott Rogerson

The path to partner (and beyond)

  • 1. Onboarding and Enablement

    First, we’ll plug you into EVERYTHING and map out your path to success.

    We’ll train you on Hootsuite, co-create a business plan for our partnership, and get you ready to start selling.

  • 2. Management

    Next, you’ll start setting targets, closing sales and making money.

    We’ll help you plan campaigns, measure results and sell Hootsuite alongside your own products and services.

  • 3. Growth

    Now, you’re a Hootsuite pro—but the wins won’t stop there. (They never do.)

    You’ll continue unlocking private consulting, progressive discounts, joint marketing, juicier commissions and so, so much more.

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How to get started

Apply to our HootPartner program

A member of our HootPartner team will reach out via email

If we're a good match, you'll receive an invitation to join the program

  1. Apply to our HootPartner program
  2. A member of our HootPartner team will reach out via email
  3. If we're a good match, you'll receive an invitation to join the program


  • What is the ideal Hootsuite partner profile?

    Our HootPartners include technology partners, digital solution providers, app developers, resellers and referral partners. If you champion your customers and are interested in reselling, we’re probably a good match.

  • How much does it cost to join the HootPartner program?

    Drum roll, please… $0. Yup, it’s completely free. (So tell accounting they can put the stress balls down.)

  • Do you have an affiliate program?

    Yes! You can join here to elevate your brand while earning a commission on anyone you refer for signs up to our Professional and Team Plans.

  • What does being a Hootsuite partner entail?

    We help you build your business around Hootsuite, and EVERYONE profits. Our team, tools, and sales assets will be backing you up, all the way—and as you sell more, you’ll earn more.