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The Social Government Toolkit 2019

The resources you need to succeed on social this year
Resources The Social Government Toolkit 2019@3X

Government agencies of all sizes are continuing to adopt social media across a range of increasingly innovative campaigns and programs.

To become a truly social government, however, officials need to ensure the right foundations are in place and that investment is happening in the most strategically beneficial areas.

To help achieve this, we've created the Social Government Toolkit for 2019, featuring:

Report: The State of Social Media in Government 2019Read our annual white paper to find out which strategic areas of opportunity to invest in this year.

Infographic: 5 Essentials for Governments on Social in 2019Based on our annual report, explore this snapshot for ideas on how to develop your own social strategy.

Guide: Social Networks Forecast 2019: Government & Public Sector EditionThis guide gives an overview of how each social network will develop this year, and which government agencies to follow for innovation and inspiration.

Action Plan: Minimize Social Media Security Risk in 2019Does your agency have a plan in place for a social media account breach? Find out how to build your agency's security confidence and be prepared in times of crisis.

Gain strategies and tactics for your own success by filling in the form on the right side of this page and getting instant access to our Social Government Toolkit.

  • Read about our five recommended areas of opportunity
  • Discover how your government social peers are innovating across the networks
  • Learn best practices for ensuring your activities on social are secure

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